玉山銀行 (Human Resources Department, E. Sun Bank)



The people at E. Sun, especially those at Human Resources (HR) Department always give me a sense of intimacy. They treat each other, especially the juniors, like family members. I used to assume that the working environment at banks is rigid and strict without smiles or chatting. However, at HR Department, we are strict in the tasks though, we have fun with each other and together solve the problems. My supervisors spent hours training me or answering my questions, which I thought it never happened due to their hectic schedule.

The organization chart is hierarchical though, the way they work and manage their people tend to be democratic, at least in HR department I think. For example, I had my own project during the internship, and my supervisors only told me their expectations in general and it is my job to think about how I would display my presentation in which format. We did weekly meeting to have some updates and feedback on the project. In another word, I have the total authority on my project and the feedbacks from our colleagues help better the project. In this way, I felt more motivated to perform the job.

Thanks to the first week training which was held for all of the interns in different departments, I have a general knowledge about the banking industry, including some banking services and the trend in financial industry now. Second, I learned about how E. Sun is organizing its HR operations. At E. Sun, I often heard about the term HR 三支柱 model which E. Sun is on the way to build. This model is also an interesting concept which I am studying now. Third, I leaned about how a corporate culture displayed itself in the working environment. Being a member of the company is the best way to learn about so-called corporate culture. E. Sun’s culture left me the most impression. Forth, due to the assigned projects, I learned how to make the videos which I found quite interesting and video editing has become one of my hobbies now.

After all, I feel more confident in the HR field after the internship and have some new ideas for my career path.