Lee, 109-1


Fortunately invited to be the teaching assistant (TA) of Dr. Lu, I feel grateful for that. In addition to an honored title “teaching assistant” which I can put in my resume, I also learn quite many during the time I worked as a TA. Firstly, I came to know how to use some technological devices which are used to support the lessons. During September and October, due to the self-quarantine, some foreign students could not make it to the class, TAs are the ones who helped recording every lesson, then uploaded onto social platforms or Moodle so that those overseas students could follow the progress. I had a chance to familiarized myself with using the cameras, speakers, uploading videos onto YouTube, and managing the Moodle. Those things seemed simple but when it comes to more-than-40-minute videos, it takes time and tips. Secondly, by sitting in some lessons and grading the exam paper, I also could refresh my memories about Research Method and International Management. Thirdly, I had a chance to grow. Being a senior now makes me feel I have grown up and should set a good example for my juniors, but being a TA is another strong push for my mature process at least psychologically. Coming a bit early to the class to prepare for the class, reminding everyone about some tasks, replying juniors’ emails, etc. are some examples of what I have done as a TA and they really bring me a sense of being more matured. Fourthly, during the time I served as TA, I also had an opportunity to join and support other activities, say, recruiting process of IHRD. Being a part of this process helps me know more about how IHRD recruits their students. Finally and most importantly, I have gained and fostered many relationships. Without being a TA, I would rarely meet up with my juniors and talk to them, would not know the atmosphere in their classes. Thanks to working as TA, I knew many of them and built a stronger friendship with them. In relation with my professor, Dr. Lu, I had a chance to work closely with him, knew more about his working and teaching style. I learned some from his patience and attitudes. We talked more about things in life, not only stuff at school.

I really appreciate IHRD and Dr. Lu for giving a chance of becoming a TA, the only foreign TA this year which really encourages me to learn more from my local fellows, say, Chinese, teamwork, etc. I hope TA can be opened more for many other foreign students who can speak Chinese so that they have a learning and growing chance like me.


 A moment in International Management course