Wendy & Jessica, 109-1


Teaching assistant is a job position with a learning purpose. “The time to our experience, read to our knowledge,” said Nikolai Ostrovsky. As a teaching assistant, we gained both experience and knowledge.

The teaching assistants and the office prepared a new process for coping with the covid-19 situation since the pandemic broke out. We tested several kinds of online meeting systems, performed simulations, and picked the best one for distance education to maximize the interaction between professors and students. We, teaching assistants, had the responsibility to set up the device before class and communicate with students in the class. This semester we had a good experience about effective and efficient communication, which makes all progress smoothly conducted, especially the communications with students who had not yet in Taiwan at that time.

Besides, we assisted the teacher in inviting various guests to have lectures last semester. Those guests included our graduate seniors sharing several types of working experiences with the class and the professor from other universities teaching the class some knowledge from different directions. The whole process we communicated with those guests helped us learned a lot.  Not only was the way to invite guests in a formal e-mail, but also the preparation before the class for the guests when they came to the class, we strengthened our abilities to contact the guests. We are glad that we can have this chance to know the cherished value as the teaching assistants, which is learning from doing.