Ethel, 109-1


Hello, my name is Ethel, and I am from Honduras. I glad to say that I also am an ICDF scholarship recipient currently studying at the Graduate Institute of International Human Resources Development in Taiwan. Studying at NTNU has been one of the best experiences I have gone through not only in my professional career but also in life.

This program offers a unique experience since the learning method is unique and up to date. Our classes have an international perspective with new and modern study methods. We have classmates from all over the world which has helped me to know about many cultures and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and even try different and delicious food like Thai and Vietnamese food.

Professors are very specialized in different topics that involve HRD. From E-HR to IHRD in Non-Profit Organizations, our professors teach us about everything, even life skills at work. They support us in every way, leading us to think critically with real life cases that we will experience at the workplace. We learn not just in formal class settings but also, we do field trips and, they invite different speakers from all over the world that tell us about their careers and work experience in different topics.

Also, as an ICDF scholarship recipient I feel fortunate to be part of it. This scholarship has given me a new perspective of life and a big opportunity to follow my dreams. The ICDF Managers at IHRD are helpful and friendly, they are wonderful people who help us create a home-like atmosphere even though we are thousands of miles away from our countries.  This scholarship offers so many benefits to us and an opportunity to come to Taiwan and give us all the tools to build our future and a good career.

So far in my freshman year, this program has trained me to be more independent and competent. In this small period, I got three greatest benefits. The first one is I got a lot of knowledge from my professors who are always willing to help me even in daily life situations. The second one is I learn from other cultures; in this program I get to experience knowing about others and sharing my culture with others. And the third one is I get to prepare myself for my future as an HRD professional in a safe and beautiful environment. With these benefits I am sure it would make easiness to achieve my goals. If you want a quality -oriented higher education with advanced skills and a complete cultural immersion experience, then this is the right program to be in!