[Speech] 6/4 A Case Study: Rebuilding an Organization – Philip Hsi / Council of Chinese Human Resources Management Association



This class invited Mr. Philip Hsi as our guest speaker to share his profound experience during the Studies in Needs Assessment of Human Resource course. The topic of this speech was ‘A Case Study: Rebuilding an Organization’. During the two hours sharing, Mr. Philip Hsi gave an extremely clear instruction about training design and organization development. He prioritized several critical elements of the training subject, guiding the audience to use the correct strategies to achieve the goal step by step. Different industries, different positions, even different timing will lead to different decision-making processes and training projects. Finally, Mr. Philip Hsi suggested that as a professional HR, we must figure out what is the best strategy, not only for a specific person, but also for the organization as a whole.




Sam, Senior Student

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