IHRD Thesis Timeline

Stage DeadlineNotesDownloadCheck your Progress
1. Thesis Advisor SelectionNovemberMake appointments with your preferred professors★Preference Survey for Thesis Advisor

2. Attendance of Proposal and DefenseBefore thesis oral defenseAttend at least ONE proposal & ONE defense meeting (print out the attendance form before attending the meeting)★Attendance of Thesis Meeting Form

3. Thesis Track SelectionTHREE months before your proposal meetingDiscuss with thesis advisor about your academic time plan. A: Academic Track   P: Pratical Track★Thesis Track Confirmation Form

 Send the Thesis Track Form to office
 Further Guidance
★Comparison between Academic Track and Practical Track Thesis Research
4. Thesis Proposal Defense TWO weeks before thesis proposal dateCheck your proposal on Turnitin and get advisor’s signature on the first page of percentage report★Preparation for Thesis Proposal Defense Form

(At least THREE months after thesis track selection is allowed)Contact committtee board approved by the advisor for meeting schedule and book the meeting room
 Complete the Preparation for Thesis Proposal Defense Form and send back to office
 Further Guidance
 ★Parking Permit SOP
5. Research SharingBefore thesis oral  defenseShare thesis research in the seminar courseⅡ(print out the research sharing form before attending the class)★Research Sharing Form

6. Graduation Application30 April, 2024Make sure your qualification to apply graduation:★ Graduation Application Form




  (1) Has published at least one academic conference or HR/management related journal article approved by your advisor
  (2) Has passed the English proficiency test
(It must be submitted 2 weeks before the thesis defense date to be eligible for the thesis defense)
  Submit the graduation application form to office.
7. Master’s Thesis Oral DefenseTwo weeks before thesis defense dateSubmit your thesis on Turnitin system and get advisor’s signature on the first page of percentage report★Preparation for Thesis Defense Form
(THREE months after proposal meeting is allowed) Contact committtee board for meeting schedule and book the meeting room
  Complete the Preparation for Thesis Defense Form
  Submit form and attachments to office
8. Thesis APA Checking ProcessAfter Thesis defenseThe process takes FIVE steps as follows: (1) self-review, (2) peer review, (3) TA/RA review★IHRD Thesis APA Approval Form

  (4) Advisor: Send the thesis versions of peer review and TA/RA review and APA approval form to adivsor. The above each review may take up to ONE week.
  (5) Director: Submit the electronic thesis PDF, word file and the signed thesis APA approval form to ihrd@deps.ntnu.edu.tw by every Thursday 12:00 pm.
  Result notification:
Every Tuesday 12:00 pm. 
  *One round is ONE week.
  After passing the APA process, pick up your thesis approval page signed by the committees and IHRD director and attach it into the final thesis while uploading to the library
  ★Qualitative Thesis Sample (APA 7.0 version)
  ★Quantitative Thesis Sample (APA 7.0. Version)
  ★Thesis Manual
  ★Sample of NTNU thesis cover
9  Ready to Graduation Upload Thesis/Professional Practice Report to Library database★Advisor Confirmation for Student Leaving School Form with IHRD Leave School Process Check List

 Wait three working days for the library approval
Download the Copyright Permission Agreement of NTNU Thesis by logging onto the NTNU Electronic Theses & Dissertations System
Sign and print out the copyright form and add it into the first page of thesis
 Complete the Advisor Confirmation for Student Leaving School Form★Online: log onto the “Graduation student information portal”
 Email IHRD contact information
 Further Guidance
 ★NTNU office of Academic Affairs website> graduation and school leaving process
Notes: If any questions, please email IHRD Office.