中菲行國際物流集團 (Dimerco Express Group)



During my intern time in Dimerco, I had learned a lot of knowledge and skills regarding human resources functions. Since the human resources department of the headquarter needs to cover full functions of human resources, it gives me the chance to look into every HR function and learn related knowledge as well as operations. During my internship period, I have been assigned with many different tasks that cover C&B, T&D, recruitment, and routine works.

Most of the tasks I have done in the interning times are mainly routines since 90% of the HR works are routines. Though it may sound boring during the period, however, I actually learn a lot and have lots of fun just by working on the routine works. Based on my observation, the reason why those works need to be done regularly is that they are very important within the operations of the company. Those works might seem tiny and not matter a lot from the monthly viewpoints; it will affect a lot at the end of the year, especially when evaluating the yearly performance of the substation. For example, the monthly turnover rate. Some detailed information could be missed and hard to track if we don’t check and organize the rate monthly.

Overall, with the times that I have worked in Dimerco, I feel that the leaders in the company all trust their subordinates and are open-minded when we offer our opinions. No wonder the atmosphere in the company is always harmonious.