中租迪和 (HR Department, Chailease Finance Holding)

2020/04~Present (2021/03)



I started interning at Chailease Finance Holding since last year April. I got this internship opportunity through the 104 job bank, where I applied for a regular HR position, and was referred to the supervisor in-charge of the Southeast Asia region. Throughout my internship at Chailease, I have learned and gained many important lessons and experience. I was not only able to review theories about HR that I have learned at class, but I am lucky enough to have the chance to practice and have hands-on experience in a real work environment.


Although working in a Taiwanese company that requires a certain level of Mandarin level for a foreigner like me is a challenge, but I am grateful that my colleagues and supervisors are very understanding and are willing to listen to me. I am very satisfied with my internship experience, because I get to explore many different tasks and continuously grow. Some of the important lessons that I have gained from my internship tasks is on how to plan and develop HR policies from scratch. After developing our HR policies, I was also given the task to prepare some e-learning materials for our future employees. I had a really enjoyable time recording the content of the videos.


I was also given the chance to team up with the Great ASEAN Internship Employment Program (GAIEP) to promote our internship program to other international students in Taiwan. I have never participated in any interviews prior to GAIEP, but through this internship, I was able to sharpen my confidence and speaking skills. Not only that, I was also able to develop my language teaching skills, as I have to conduct weekly training for the future expatriates. I am honored to have this opportunity to learn on how to develop class materials and also how to carry out lessons for adult learner (which is something that I learned from Dr. Chang’s class).


I believe as a student, it is necessary to continuously learn in order to shape our knowledge further. Therefore, I am very grateful to Chailease for providing me with such a great internship opportunity to learn from some of the best and experienced HR practitioners. I am very excited to continue my internship with Chailease and looking forward to my future growth in both Taiwan and Indonesia.