I’m Grace. Today, it’s my turn to share the internship experience. First, I want to confess that I never had an internship during my college life. After attending the IHRD program, I realized how important it is to accumulate some working experiences before graduating through the internship experiences shared by our seniors. It’s very crucial to learn which HR function you would like to work in (payroll, training, recruiting), and you can try to figure it out when doing an internship. Fortunately, I got an internship opportunity soon. It’s a Singapore headhunter company called RecruitExpress, and I work there as an HR intern. They assigned me a mentor and she treats me as her friend. I really learned a lot during my internship, such as: composing recruiting ads, applying various recruiting channels, doing phone interviews, arranging interviews, welcoming interviewees and explaining the interview process, assisting campus recruiting activities, and so on.

Although it’s super tiring for me to handle both school and an internship. I need to say that you only know what abilities you lack after really getting into a company. And you would find out that you can see things outside a student’s viewpoints. Therefore, I truly recommend every student to get an internship! Then you can be as happy/tired as I am!