ASML is one of the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world, and I am very honored to join ASML and be a part of it. ASML is the company who empowers world leading chip makers to mass produce silicon. Starting from the 1980s, Philips and ASMI had the chance to create lithography systems and established the company ASML in the Netherlands. Currently, ASML has more than 28,000 employees worldwide which consist of more than 120 nationalities and have 160 locations in each area. The Main three products manufactured by ASML are EUV, DUV, and Yield Star. Specifically, EUV and DUV are the lithography machines which play a central role in the process of  chip-making. However, EUV is more sophisticated and extremely expensive for a company to purchase as the capital. Semiconductor companies have stated that EUV is crucial to the progress of chips development and improvement nowadays. Moreover, it ensured that fewer companies had enough capital to purchase EUV, so it limited their main customer within this market. Therefore, it can connect ASML’s customers to three well-known companies which are Intel, TSMC, and Samsung.

According to ASML corporate cultures are very people-oriented and focus on communication capability. The working environment is quite comfortable and the benefits are good. There are coffee machines and tea bags available in the office room, and it is worth mentioning that we do not have fixed seats, so everyone can choose a place where they feel comfortable to work, and there are also sofas which we can choose to stay in. During the internship, I joined People Service Asia as an intern. As long as it is responsible for the communication with the employees on the front line and plays a vital role in the company regarding the management of the HR system and files, as long as the employees have any questions, or any department needs any HR date resources, the files will be handled by the staff in People Service. My responsibility is to maintain the system and organize files. Of course, there are often some projects that can be assisted together. I have been an intern for half a year now. I feel that working in ASML is a very enjoyable thing and I often feel the energy. Usually, as long as there are any questions, everyone is willing to help and answer the questions promptly. As long as there are any difficulties, it can be resolved by communication within teams and partners.

I highly recommend ASML as an internship location. In ASML, I have learned not only knowledge outside the school, but also understand what abilities I lack by entering the workplace. In my perspective, the purpose of conducting an internship is to make up those gaps and develop your own skills by taking the time of the rest time in the graduate study and increase the professional competence.