Sherry, 109-1

I was the teaching assistance for Statistics & Data Analysis course. Through this semester, I have learned a lot from this job. This course was hold at computer classroom in the library campus. Cause I had never been there before this semester, it is interesting for me to learn how to operate the equipment in that classroom.

I also was the TA for Dr. Yeh’s special topics class. For these two classes, I usually did the tasks like checking the present of students, borrowing the equipment from office, turning on the computer and the projector, returning the equipment after class, and also attending assigned class. Sometimes when I opened the projector and computer, it had some operation problem. TA taught me to stay calm and focus on solving the problem when facing this kind of situation.

Thinking what I have done for this position in this semester, I perceive TA makes me to become the better person with more responsible. For instance, TA required us being punctual, paying attention on time controlling. TA has to turn on and set the equipment before the class started, and needs to make sure the content for every week class. In conclusion, TA makes me realize the importance of time management.

Also, I think TA acts as the bridge between classmates and teacher. If classmates have some questions or confuse on the assignment or some contents on the class, we have to inform teacher, helping classmate solve these kinds of conditions. TA needs to pay attention on different kinds of tasks, and IHRD office provides us many details of this job. Above all, I appreciate IHRD gave us the chance for being TA, and I really gain a lot during this period.