Company & Position: ASML People Service ASIA HR Intern

Duration: 2021/06/28~2022/06/28


I am Angela from IHRD, and I would like to share my internship life with you today.

  • Reasons why I do Internship

As a new graduate from university with no HR background, it’s not only easier to learn and adapt with internship to my graduate studies but also an opportunity for me to accumulate connections in HR field.


  • Introduction of Company & Position

ASML is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and EUV is its major product.  The main customers of ASML are TSMC, Intel, and Samsung. It currently has 60 locations in 16 countries around the world.  Among them, Hsinchu, Taiwan is the HR headquarters in Asia.


ASML has great culture with excellent welfare.  For example, it provides lunch for free and allows short teatime in the afternoon during the workday. There are also gyms and clubs for employees to participate in.  Above all, the management style features efficiency and production. Thus, working from home once a week is highly encouraged.  In general, ASML does value work-life balance a lot.


As for my job, I am mainly responsible for related work processes of new hire and termination.  Besides, I help to solve any questions about HR field from all employees.  Occasionally, I have to support projects assigned by supervisors.


  • Suggestions for the internship of future IHRD students

List your expectation before you apply for internships. In addition to improving HR-related knowledge, learning a third language other than Chinese and English will be an advantage for entering a multinational company.